Artist Statement

I choose to exclude no part of life and feel that the lowest vulgarity, poverty, and obscenity is the stuff of life which is the most real. It is a common error to suppose that beauty can be brought about in art only through the representation of beautiful things or through the use of obviously pleasing shapes. Objects, actions, or mere shapes, which in ordinary life would be unbearably repellent, can become sources of pleasure in art, not because they have a morbid appeal but because they allow us to come to terms, in art, with the horrors and the pains which would overwhelm us in real life. Without the contrast of ugliness, beauty would be insipid. Ugliness is part of the conflict resolved through art with harmony.

Currently I am working on a series relating to the tragedy of Alzheimer's, which has affected me immensely because my husband is in a nursing home with the disease.

About the Artist

I'm a Detroit-based artist specializing in nudes and landscapes. I draw working primarily in pastels and charcoal.

Selected Exhibitions

  • "Gold Medal Exhibition", The Scarab Club, Detroit, MI 2011-2013
  • One Person Show, Affirmations Gallery, Ferndale, MI 2011
  • "Our Town Show", The Community House, Birmingham, MI 2011
  • "Alumni Exhibition", University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 2007-2013


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Mercy College, Detroit, MI 1964
  • Master of Fine Arts, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 1966
  • Print Making Classes, Wayne State University 1983-1990
  • Print Making Classes, Center for Creative Studies 1990-1993
  • Encaustic Workshop with Candace Law 2014


  • Owner & Operator, Byron's Flowers, Detroit, MI 1969-Present
  • Drawing Instructor, Macomb Community College, Mount Clemens, MI 1966-69, 1982-85, 1992
  • Drawing Instructor, Henry Ford Community College, Dearborn, MI 1986
  • Drawing Instructor, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI 1969-75